Last week in Florida it was announced that General Motors will continue to expand their promotion of E85. This time they are teaming up with the state of Florida and operators of Inland Food Stores to expand the availability of E85. Inland will be opening the first sixteen E85 stations at stores in the Tallahassee area between now and the beginning of 2007 . General Motors will mainly be providing promotional assistance to make people aware of the existence of the E85 pumps. They already have more than two million flex-fuel capable vehicles on the road, although few if any have likely ever had anything more regular gas/ethanol blends (E5 or E10) in them. The promotion is a continuation of efforts GM has been making around the country since may 2005 to promote ethanol. For MY2007 GM is expanding their flex-fuel lineup to include seventeen different models.

[Source: The Auto Channel]

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