Toyota Aygo may make it to U.S.

Why you ask? They already have the Yaris taking care of the B-segment market, why on earth would they want to import something even smaller? One word: SMART.

According to Inside Line's sources, Toyota may bring the Aygo, already a popular city-car in Europe, over to the U.S. in two-door form to battle the SMART by DaimlerChrysler. Even though D.C.'s mini-mobile hasn't even hit our shores and proven itself in a viable segment, Toyota may be expecting a blockbuster and doesn't want to be left out in the cold when a possible contender is waiting in the wings.

If Toyota does decide to bring a 'micro' to the States, expect it in 2008, along with the possibility of competition from the usual suspects, Honda, Nissan and Subaru.

[Source: Edmunds' Inside Line]

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