Lutz speaks out on GM's fuel cell plans

Now that the hype has died down after General Motors' debut of the Sequel crossover fuel cell vehicle (check out AutoblogGreen's ride-and-drive with the vehicle), Bob Lutz is using GM's FastLane blog to dampen some of the unrealistic expectations out in the marketplace, and answer (sort of) everyone's question: "When can we buy one?"

The key thing to remember about GM's oft-mentioned 2010 goal for its fuel cell/zero-emissions car program is that the 2010 target vehicle is described as "marketable," which is to say that it could be sold, but almost certainly won't be.

In his FastLane post, Lutz predicts that the next step beyond the 100 vehicle demo fleet announced recently would be a 1000 vehicle fleet in the 2010-2012 timeframe, with more significant numbers later in the decade if cost can be driven down and infrastructure barriers (i.e., access to hydrogen) can be reduced.

[Source: GM FastLane Blog]

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