Slap on the wrist - Turkey keeps Grand Prix

Looks like Turkey got off easy. The FIA World Motor Sport Council ruled today that Istanbul will keep its race despite the political shenanigans the Turks played on the podium at this year's race.

At the Turkish Grand Prix last month, race winner Felipe Massa was given his trophy by Mehmet Ali Talat, who was introduced as the "President of the Northern Turkish Republic of Cyprus". The problem is, no one recognizes Turkey's occupation of the Mediterranean island except Turkey, and Turkish officials practically admitted to deceiving the FIA as to their intentions to stage the political spectacle.

Although at first the FIA fumed over the incident and declared that racing was not an arena for global politics, the council only gave the Turks a $5 million penalty instead of revoking their grand prix, touring car race or world rally stages. Considering that Turkey reportedly spent over $150 million to build the track, $5 million seems like a drop in the ocean to achieve their political objectives.


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