F1 making itself even more green

Green and racing don't seem like natural allies. Making a car more environmentally friendly or making a racecar go faster seemed to be at opposite ends of the spectrum when it came to automotive technology. And yet there have been glimpses of the two coming together for the benefit of all. The Audi R10 immediately springs to mind. Well now the world's premiere motor sport is getting into the swing of things as well.
Not content to be associated with green light standing starts or the huge wads of greenbacks that represent its revenue stream, Formula 1 is thinking green technology too. The FIA has just announced that it has reached an agreement with the constructors to introduce green technologies over the next 5 years. Teams are being asked to draft regulations pertaining to renewable energy for implementation by 2009.

In particular the "recovery and reuse of energy" are being looked at. Waste heat and exhaust gases are to be studied as possible recoverable energy sources to that end. Does that signal a return to turbochargers for F1? We'll have to wait and see. Another development from the meeting was the creation of a Working Group to discuss new ways to control the costs associated with wind tunnels, simulators and their related personnel.

[Source: ITV]

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