Jaguar tops German quality survey

You know when automotive journalists write articles for fun listing headlines you never thought you'd see on the printed page? Headlines like "Porsche builds SUV" or "Volkswagen to offer uber luxury car" come time mind... oh, wait... yeah, bad examples. No joke here, however - this post's headline is true. Jag has secured the top spot in a reader poll done by Germany's Auto Zeitung magazine that rated 33 brands in product quality, reliability and service. The British cat jumped up four spots from last year, in fact.

This could be a case of "the grass is always greener," as the 30,000 Germans polled picked British-built Jaguar over their own Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi, surprisingly enough. It's is a small bright spot for Ford as it sifts through debt and layoffs this week, as well as a bright spot for Jaguar, whose days could be numbered as a member of Ford's Premier Automotive Group, according to some industry experts.

[Source: Channel4]

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