Ford's "Save the Mustangs" program wins 2006 Outstanding Take Pride Supporter award

It's a different kind environmental award for a car company. The U.S. Department of the Interior and Take Pride in America awarded Ford Motor Company the 2006 Outstanding Take Pride Supporter for Ford's " Save The Mustangs" program Thursday. "Save the Mustangs" has, since May 2005, worked to raise awareness of wild horses in America and tries to get them adopted in non-profit sanctuaries. So far, 2,000 wild horses have been "Saved" and the fund has collected over $200,000. Ford is now offering non-profit horse rescue groups $100 per horse given a new home. Take Pride in America and the Bureau of Land Management helped start the "Save the Mustangs" program with Ford.

An aside to Ford: I noticed you put the Save the Mustangs project into the "Good Work" section of your website. This does unfortunately imply that all projects that get placed in other areas of the website fall into the" Bad Works" category. You may want to rethink this naming structure.

[Source: Ford Motor Company]

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