Car wins game of hide and seek with owner

Hide and seek was such a fun game as a child. Trying our darndest to keep our feet from showing from underneath the curtains, oblivious to the fact that our giggling, wiggling forms were so obviously clear to the seeker. As an adult it doesn't have the same appeal, unless you're reading about someone else's misery over losing a seven month long game of it.

The Sun brings us this charming story of "absent minded Eric" who parked his car to do some sightseeing in an unfamiliar town, and failed to record the exact location of his parking spot. Seven months later, the car and Eric have been reunited. You see, Eric came back to the place where he thought he had parked, but the car wasn't there. We suspect some type of Herbie-like spiritual possession. So he searched and searched to no avail. He eventually gave up and took a cab home only to return ten times over the next few months to search again. But the car had hidden itself pretty well. The police couldn't even find it until seven months later when two neighbors finally realized that little Focus out front didn't belong to the other as they had thought, and finally phoned it in.

One of the officers remembered Eric and made the connection. With only a dead battery to show for its shenanigans, the car was soon back in its owner's hands. While we at Autoblog will admit to the odd instance of searching a large parking lot for several minutes trying to remember where we parked, this is truly in a league of its own. But we know some of you must have similarly outrageous stories to share, so feel free to drop us a line in the comments and let us know about that time you misplaced your car.

[Source: The Sun]

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