Tour Coupes creator: 2-stroke putt-putt cars aren't "high polluting"

Tour Coupes are hitting the streets of San Diego. An ingenious concept, the little 2-seater 3-wheelers pull in a GPS signal that activates an on-board narration to describe the city sights. Visitors can rent the 8-foot-long vehicles starting at $45 an hour or $165 a day. The vehicles are registered as a motorcycle and are street legal.
According the company's Web site, the Tour Coupes run on a 49cc carbureated 2-stroke engine that is air-cooled. The vehicle's creator is quoted in the Los Angeles Times as saying that the engine is "not high-polluting." The vehicle gets up to 60mpg, depending on the passenger load. Tour Coupes may expand to Los Angeles and start selling the vehicles for $6,500 each.

[Source: Los Angeles Times]

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