Even with Ford's GT making 550 HP (somewhat underrated) courtesy of a supercharger, of course we all know that there will still be owners out there who seek more power. Once the route of pulley swaps has been explored, where to go next? Stage 6 Motorsports thinks that it has the answer in the form of a twin-turbo kit.

The stock Eaton blower is replaced with a pair of Garrett GT35R scrolls from Precision Turbo, which are mounted behind the engine and inboard of the shock towers. Custom exhaust work brings up the hot gases from the low-mounted stock manifolds, and new downpipes dump the spent exhaust through the stock bodywork opening. A custom "hat" adapts a 95mm throttle body and routes compressed air through the stock intercooler (which is built into the intake manifold), and the OEM fuel system remains intact.

The video shows the car putting down over 830 HP on the dyno, and Stage 6 claims that this same vehicle has put down 1012 RWHP with further work. A kit involving fuel system upgrades and internal engine modifications is said to be under development, with potential for several hundred more HP.

While not all of us can identify the effort it takes to fabricate a twin-turbo install for a Ford GT in five days, the terse "I'm staying at the shop and won't be home until much later" phone call with a significant other that occurs at the 9:30 mark in the above video is something to which most of us can relate.

[Source: Streetfire.com; a hat tip to Dubbedinenglish]

Warning: a bit of NSFW language is sprinkled throughout the clip

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