Exclusivity has its price: Mosler's custom cockpits

Moslers are racing cars for the road in the truest sense, and until now, the cockpits of these exclusive lightweight American supercars reflected that. Early road-going Moslers had interiors that were little more accommodating than their racing counterparts. More modern versions feature extensive leather trim, but the ergonomics are little more advanced. Now the Florida-based niche carmaker is taking a giant leap forward by offering fully customized interiors on its faster-than-spit, Corvette-powered MT900.

Buyers can opt to have custom dashboards, door panels and center consoles crafted from scratch according to their exact specification. Mosler's technicians will lay it out using CAD software, create the mold and fabricate the panels for a completely unique interior.

This kind of exclusivity comes at a price, of course, and it's a hefty one to be sure. A custom dash will set you back $120k, plus another $60k each for the doors and center consoles. This is of course in addition to the approximately $250k it'll cost you to buy the car into which your new custom interior can be installed. That's a serious chunk of change, but some would argue you can't put a price on individuality. Certainly not when the individual is being propelled to sixty in under four seconds....

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