Trademark dumpster diving: SPEED TV readying downloadable content

We could spend hours watching the videos on YouTube or Comedy Central, but a new past time may rise out of the primordial ooze that is the Internet. The TV blog, trivialTV, stumbled upon a trademark filing by SPEED channel for Speed Garage. What is Speed Garage? The filing states it is for "downloadable television programs and audio visual content." That makes you want to stroke your billy goat beard, doesn't it? SPEED content on the web, and perhaps even FREE! We're champing at the bit to see what they have to offer.

They have speculated over at trivialTV that the Speed Garage site will be off the main SPEED TV site, somewhere near the Speed Store in the site navigation bar. If you can't wait for the Speed Garage free site, and perhaps you're not lucky enough to get the channel on satellite or cable, iTunes has some of SPEED's shows available for purchase. There are some videos on the site now, but we hope the new video site provides downloadable content as well as a more dynamic design.

Thanks for the tip, MikeV!

[Source: trivialTV]

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