Paris Preview: Maserati GranSport "Contemporary Classic"

It's a Friday and the torrent of news has slowed to a trickle after Ford's WF 2.0 announcement this morning, so we've begun grasping at straws and give you this post coming out of Maserati. The Italian marque doesn't have much going on for the Paris Motor Show but displaying its latest and greatest vehicles: the GransSport MC Victory, Quattroporte Executive GT, Quattroporte Sport GT, and an MC12 racer. But Maserati does have one car that will be showing off something new, the GranSport "Contemporary Classic". Not much appears different with this GranSport from an outward inspection, but open the doors and you'll find that the "Contemporary Classic" has a full leather interior with piping that runs around the seat and dashboard. On any white, black, green or red GranSport "Contemporary Classic", the piping inside will match the exterior color. The only other changes are a full leather steering wheel and light blue gauges.

So, basically Maserati has added some contrasting piping to a few color combos and thinks it's news. Well, today it is. Plus, we'll accept any reason to post a picture of a Maserati GranSport, which is one damn fine-looking Italian grand tourer.

[Source: Maserati]

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