Previously, we learned that it's a bad idea to drift in areas populated with curbs. In this installment of Autoblog's Please Don't Act Like a Dufus lessons, the class will learn that other real-world obstructions can also cause significant damage.

In this particular case, the unfortunate driver of a third-gen Pontiac Trans Am rips some donuts and puts on a decent smoke show - right up until the point where he finds a manhole cover that protrudes above the surface of the pavement. The impact appears to shear something major in the rear axle (likely the axle shaft itself, judging by the intact wheel lugs), and the left rear tire decides that it no longer wishes to support its corner of the vehicle. That's OK - those stock 10-bolt rear ends are ripe for replacement anyways. Too bad the honeycomb wheel had to suffer, but at least the quarter panel didn't hit the ground.

[Source: Streetfire via]

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