California winery uses nothing but alternative-energy vehicles

The Kathryn Kennedy Winery in Saratoga, California is a good example of how a green mindset can affect an entire business. I've never tasted the company's wine, but the sustainability information on their website makes me interested to see how the eco-conscious farmers there operate. The farm uses integrated pest management and on-farm composting, and the green attitude extends to the office, where the workers use recycled office supplies. All of the farm's vehicles are green, too, from the electric golf cart they use for small jobs and general transport to the B100-powered tractor out in the field. They say the tractor has not had any mechanical alterations and runs great. Even the family cars and the winery flatbed Isuzu NQR run on biodiesel. On the winery's website, the reasons behind the green vehicles are spelled out: "Our company has taken the position that America's intrenched [sic] dependence on petroleum is not only bad for the environment but also bad for our national security."

[Source: Kathryn Kennedy Winery via SF Biofuels]

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