20th Anniversary Tuning Kit for BMW E30 M3

When BMW first introduced the M3 in 1986, it was the answer to the 190E 2.3-16V from Mercedes-Benz. The E30 (BMW's chassis code for the 2nd Generation 3-Series) M3 was a homologation special for Group A Touring Car racing. Over the next twenty years, the M3 would transform from an almost single minded race machine for the road to an expression of what many consider to be the true Ultimate Driving Machine for the road. Even after twenty years, and subsequent increases in engine size (the next M3 is speculated to be V8-motivated), the interest in the rare first generation four-cylinder M3 has not waned.

In Germany, MK-Motorsport, who has tuned and raced BMWs since 1978, has released its tuning components as a 20th anniversary collection. While we could go through every detail of these parts, such as the engine modifications that bring output to 295hp or the range of carbon-fibre body upgrades, what is really exciting to celebrate is the anniversary of this iconic machine. The continued dedication to such a relatively rare sport sedan is encouraging to see when today's trends seem to shove 26-inch dubs and eighteen LCD screens into automobiles with cartoonish results. Bravo to MK-Motorsport.

[Source: MK-Motorsport via WorldCarFans]

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