Way Forward goes WOT tomorrow, all brands are safe

Ford announced this afternoon that it will be presenting an Accelerated Way Forward plan, also known as Way Forward 2.0 in the web savvy crowd, at 7 AM tomorrow. Assuming we get to bed on time and experience no alarm malfunctions, we'll be on hand to bring you the details as they come in. No doubt the acceleration will involve more job cuts, a much needed plan to streamline the company's distribution chain, and perhaps even a product announcement or two.
The Detroit Free Press is also telling us that all of Ford's eight brands will survive the chopping block tomorrow morning. While Aston Martin is still up for sale, none of the brands will be killed off in the fashion of Oldsmobile's demise at the hands of General Motors. Of course, those who have beating the drum for Ford to get rid of the Mercury brand are being very critical. Accusing Ford of being too emotional over keeping Mercury, most are pointing out the obvious that funds spent on keeping the brand alive could be better spent elsewhere.

[Source: Ford, Detroit Free Press]

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