RR of the Day: Toppo the morning, to ya

Mitsubishi Toppo

Alex Nunez is the resident Kei car fanatic here at Autoblog, so this RR of the Day selection goes out to him. It's a Mitsubishi Toppo, exact model year unknown, that was submitted by Flickr member Eddie Does Japan. Scanning Eddie's Flickr page (check out that first shot!) revealed that he's an American who is living in or has lived in Japan, and he obviously fell in love with these federally subsidized sub-sub-sub-compacts. For those who don't know the exact definition of what a kei car is, it's a car no less than 3.4 meters long, 1.48 meters wide, with an engine no larger in size than 660cc. The Japanese government gives tax breaks to these vehicles to encourage the purchase of smaller, more efficient vehicles.

The Toppo is a tall, MPV-like version of the Mitsubishi Minica, and this one appears to be a mid-to-late-'90s Q3 model. It's actually a predecessor to the Mitsubishi eK Wagon on which we posted yesterday.

Eddie's Toppo manages to move him around Japan with only 36 horsepower under hood, and everyone knows what kind of car is coming thanks to the mandated black-on-yellow license plate for Kei cars. Check out more pics of Eddie's Toppo after the jump.

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