Honda has released a pair of new outboard motors based on the 1.5-liter engine found in the Fit. The BF90 and BF 75 are medium-sized 4-stroke stroke outboards rated at 90 and 75 horsepower, respectively. The new motors will first go on sale in Japan in November but were designed to exceed CARB emissions regulations for 2008. Honda says it is the first manufacturer to make its entire line of outboards CARB 2008 compatible.

Using automotive technology and engine families are not new to the outboard industry. The Honda 3.5-liter engine found in the Odyssey is the foundation for Honda's BF225 outboard. Obviously, the block is turned on its end and the oil sump relocated, but many of the internals and other technology carry over. Honda's 2.3-liter architecture from the Accord is also in a line of outboards. Suzuki is another manufacturer to marinize its auto engines for the outboard market.

Just don't think that a Honda Fit will tow your Honda outboard and boat to the lake.

[Source: The Auto Channel]

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