GM and BMW's public relations battle over hydrogen car news

Winding Road, which got the scoop on the hydrogen-powered GM Chevy Sequel earlier this week, has a great follow-up post on the media battle between GM and BMW, which also announced big hydrogen car news this week. Winding Road took snapshots of various Yahoo news sites throughout the week and compared them to the headlines provided in the press releases from GM and BMW. While GM got out of the gate first with news of the Sequel, the company didn't hype the hydrogen angle enough (they instead called it "petroleum-free"). When BMW announced the Hydrogen 7 Series the next day, guess what the big news was? I recommend going over to Winding Road and reading the whole thing. They've done a great job of capturing the tangled PR web automakers and news outlets weave week after week.

[Source: Winding Road]

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