Ethos FR, long used by governments, now available to the public

Sometimes I just want to believe. Take, for example,the information put out by 4E Corporation, the company that makes Ethos FR, a "fuel reformulator". Ethos FR supposedly makes engines run about 30 percent cleaner and increases mileage by between nine and 19 percent. Man, that sounds good, doesn't it? And all for about two bucks for each 15-gallon tank of gasoline.
The trouble is, fuel additives (even if they are called reformulators) don't have a very good rap. But let's put skepticism aside for a moment and look at how 4E says their product works. Ethos FR contains 288 distinct cleaning and lubricating esters, which attach to fuel molecules and enhance combustion. There are other esters that clean carbon and dissolve varnish. Altogether, this makes the engine cleaner, giving higher performance and lowered emissions. 4E says governments around the world have been using Ethos FR for years, and now they're making it available to the public through their website.

So, as I said, I'd like to believe. But comments over at Scamdex (and my gut instinct) leave me wondering. Any readers out there have any experience with Ethos FR? Should AutoblogGreen get a bottle of this stuff and run a little test to see if the reality is as good as the hype?

[Source: 4E Corporation]

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