Okay, so the title may be a bit cumbersome, but as you're well aware, the car is anything but.

We not going to rehash the stats we've already inundated you with, as the Mazdaspeed3 gets closer to dealer lots ($23k for 263hp and 280 ft./lbs. of torque! Sorry, couldn't help it.) But if the MS3 doesn't strike you as the bang-for-the-buck performance deal of the 21st century, we'd ask you to check the levels of oil coursing through your gearhead veins.

Mazda's only known ad for the MS3 is this quaint little spot where the diminutive hatch is scaled down to slot car size, then proceeds to run rampant across the streets of a mini-burb. We're pretty sure it's not going to blow the doors off a Boxster in this world, but you can't fault the Mazda crew for trying to show the what 260, turbo'd ponies can do when let loose on an unsuspecting city.

Enjoy and don't attempt these stunts on public roads, natch.

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