Nissan expects sales skid to end in Q4

Dominique Thormann, Nissan's veep of administration and finance, maintains that Nissan's current sales doldrums will be remedied by new products on the horizon.
Nissan NA has seen a 2.7 percent slump in sales during August 2006, compared to the same month last year, much of which is attributable to a lack of new models and an overall trend towards fuel efficiency that has marooned Nissan's pickup and SUV offerings on dealer lots.

All that will change, according to Thormann, when the new 2007 Sentra is released within the next month, partnered with the new Altima and Infiniti G35, which will hit dealers in November.

The impending launch of the G35, which makes up approximately one-third of all Infiniti's sales will be the star in Nissan's show and judging by the positive reviews afforded to it so far, it looks like they'll have another hit on their hands.

[Source: Automotive News]

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