B.C. minster eager to follow U.S. lead in biodiesel

British Columbia Agriculture Minister Pat Bell has called for a feasibility study for the first implementation of a biodiesel production facility in the Peace region of the western Canadian province.

Bell puts his faith in biodiesel as an answer to fluctuating fuel prices and feeble farmer profits and touts biodiesel as "the most significant change in agriculture, probably in the history of agriculture."

To reinforce his argument, Bell points out that with oil prices over $60 (U.S.) per barrel, the price of biodiesel becomes competitive and says, "perhaps there is an opportunity for our canola growers to get into the business."

Unfortunately, the agriculture minister was also quoted saying, "There's a huge potential market for this. General Motors is now producing vehicles that can consume up to 85-per-cent biodiesel in their vehicles." Now correct me if I'm wrong, but GM isn't currently selling any biodiesel capable cars. I think he's referring to ethanol or E85 here, not B85.

[Source: Canoe]

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