As the excitement starts to build about all of the new '07 models about to hit showrooms, we need to take a moment to pay our respects to the dearly departed vehicles that will not return next year. The way car lineups change from year-to-year often seems to be arbitrary, but there are many reasons why even popular models don't make it back.

Shifting tastes, shifting alliances, and shifting gears can make even a good car seem unnecessary when the new babies are rolled out. There are six lame ducks for 2007 that range from pretty good to pretty forgettable. Even though a few of these cars were decent in their segment, the customers managed to stay away in droves. So let's raise a glass and toast the ones that customers forgot in 2006. Follow the jump for the rest of the story.

[Source: KickingTires]

As Kicking Tires points out, if any of these were on your short list, this might be a great time to score a bargain too. Cash back on some of these make them almost irresistible.

Acura RSX: Couldn't contend with its Civic Si sibling, let alone the rest of the hot hatch/sporty coupe entries. (Don't forget it's 300lbs. lighter than the Si! -Ed.)

Mazda MPV: With $3,500 cash back, this last-of-the-truly mini minivans seems to be a bargain for those in a family way. Killed off by Mazda's own Mazda5, and CX-7 and CX-9. And America's ever-expanding waistlines.

Pontiac SV6: Even with $2,000 cash back, this doesn't strike us as a bargain so much as a less painful buyer's remorse justification.

Saab 9-2X: Now here's something of a find. A more refined Impreza or WRX with a decent warranty and $5,000 cash back, it's within spitting distance of the Subaru, and therefore a great deal.

Suzuki Aerio SX: The Aerio SX had a following in the class against the likes of Scion's Xb and Honda's Fit, but with the new SX4 coming, this model was redundant.

Suzuki Verona: Perhaps not surprisingly, Suzuki puts two models on the chopping block this year. With the Verona they had a boring sedan that even $1,000 cash back doesn't make more appealing.

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