Overview of Snake Oil Policy, or another look at energy bills pending in Congress

Need a rundown of the energy policy bills before Congress? At least one man's view?

Ben Lieberman, a senior policy analyst at the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation, has comments worth reading and debating. Basically he says:

  • Oil rationing would raise the price of oil to unprecedented levels.
  • Requiring 4-billion gallons of corn-based ethanol in 2006 gas supplies was a "disaster."
  • "Agriculture pork" is a common theme among many proposed alternative fuel mandates.
  • Windfall profits tax is the worst of any Carter-era energy ideas being resurrected.
  • Price controls and price-gouging laws will make matters worse
  • Raising CAFE means the federal government will dictate vehicle choice.
  • The off-shore drilling bill is promising.

Lieberman doesn't mention any good bills before Congress, just criticizes his favorites.

[Source: TCS Daily]

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