In a build that began over two-decades ago, Nissan's Hokkaido Proving Grounds in Hokkaido, Japan, has finally reached completion. The testing course began life in 1986 and over the last 20 years has evolved from dirt tracks and one-lane macadam roads, to a 2.7 square-mile testing range that encompasses a variety of driving environments.

The completion of the proving grounds came in the form of a five-mile, high-speed track that simulates the Autobahn, with varying elevations and curves. The course will allow vehicles to travel upwards of 180 MPH, allowing Nissan's researchers and engineers to see the effects of high speeds on vehicle behavior. All at the bargain basement price of 3.2 billion yen, or about US$27.5 million.

The track is located in Rikubetsu, which holds the distinction of the coldest municipality in Japan. This allows Nissan's eggheads to perform the all-important cold weather testing in temperatures that often fall below five degrees Fahrenheit.

The grounds also house a four and half mile road course, designed to mimic both suburban roads and racetracks in Europe. By the looks of the aero-shot, we wouldn't mind flogging our imaginary, long-term Exige around it for the day.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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