Ford's revolving door: who will replace Mulally by 2010?

The downside to hiring a 61-year-old CEO is that as soon as he finds the executive washroom, it's time to start planning the retirement party. Ford's new CEO Alan Mulally looks young for his age, but that still doesn't change the fact that most CEOs in the auto industry call it quits in their mid-60s, with few lasting much longer according to Automotive News. If that's the case, Ford could be ready for another new CEO by the end of the decade.
Perhaps that's the plan, though. The company's 45-year-old President of the Americas, Mark Fields, is a little young and inexperienced to be CEO at his age, though some felt he was still passed over for the CEO job in favor of Mulally. Bill Ford has, however, trusted him with nothing less than spearheading the effort to return the company's North American operations to profitability. Mark Schulz, Ford's 54-year-old President of International Operations, is also reportedly on Ford's short list of CEO successors.

We have our money on Mark Fields to be the next CEO of Ford Motor Company if he can make North America a profitable place for Ford to do business again. In fact, Fields will be working very closely with Mulally during Ford's turnaround and would be wise to play the role of young Padouin if he hopes to have Mulally's seat on the Jedi council some day. Whoa, ever notice how everything can be related to Star Wars?

[Source: Automotive News – sub required]

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