For Sale: MINI "Ted Cooper Works" edition

Get the folks from the Counter Counterfeit Commission on the line. We just spotted another fake MINI. I guess the fakers aren't limited to North America either as this one showed up in Melbourne, Australia. Today's internet classified deal of the day brings us a "2004 Mini 'Ted Cooper Works' limited edition." We think some of the details might be a little off, but who can deny the appeal of a 4-door Cooper well ahead of the new Clubman's debut.
Obviously this poster was having a little fun with his advert. Ted Cooper? 2004? Is it even a Mini derivative? $27,000 seems a bit steep too, unless a few of those 'cheap Plasmas' are included in the deal. Still, this ad had us laughing (and scratching our heads trying to figure out what the pictured vehicle actually was) enough to pass it on to all of you. Any of you readers recognize what kind of car it is?


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