CSNY's tour mandate: "Walk Lighter on the Planet"

Who knew a rock act could make AutoblogGreen twice in a week? I guess I'll someday learn to not underestimate Crobsy, Stills Nash & Young. Last week, the band's tour buses (and some of the band members) stopped in BioTown, USA (also known as Reynolds, Indiana) for a promotional fill-up of B20. And now it's a little clearer why. The mandate for CSNY's recently ended tour, called the "'Freedom Of Speech '06" tour, was to "Walk Lighter on the Planet".

To achieve this goal, CSNY is fueled their tour vehicles - eight tractor-trailers and ten buses - with American-made soy-derived B99. Neil Young has been using biodiesel to tour since his 2004 Greendale tour, and all four main performers either use biodiesel in their daily vehicles or are converting to the biofuel.
While I applaud CSNY's actions, I hope they keep checking their rearviewmirror for some of the rock youngsters (well, young compared to CSNY anyway) who are going green as well. If they all compete to be the greenest band on the planet, then everyone wins. Check out these related stories:
[Source: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young]

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