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Spy Shots: Suzuki SX4 sedan uncovered!

Here it is, folks. The Suzuki SX4 sedan caught in the wild completely uncovered, probably during the shooting of a commercial or something. The front end retains the five-door SX4's sporty face but looks less rugged than its baby SUV brother. The car retains the SX4's quirky quarter window ahead of the A-pillar, but the rest of the car looks all new. The sedan's profile looks similar to that of the first generation Prius due to its rather short rear deck lid. The wheels are sporty looking five-spoke alloys and fill the wells quite nicely. No word on whether the SX4 sedan will also get Suzuki's intelligent all-wheel drive as standard equipment, optional hardware or not at all. An all-wheel drive car in this segment, however, would stand out in a growing crowd of small car offerings. The new 2007 Chevy Aveo better watch out.

The introduction of the SX4 in the U.S. and the impending arrival of this sedan version couldn't be better timed for Suzuki. At a time when fuel prices have the buying public spooked, miserly small cars and CUVs are the fastest growing segments. The SX4 and SX4 sedan will give Suzuki two vehicles that should go over very well with a growing audience of cost-, fuel- and style-conscious consumers.

[Source: Caradisiac]

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