Mercedes exec sees bright future for diesel, biodiesel

Loren Beard, senior manager of fuels for DaimlerChrysler, said yesterday that diesel and biodiesel will be key to America's energy future and that DaimlerChrysler will keep on expanding its diesel-powered vehicle lineup (currently five diesel vehicles in 2007). DaimlerChrysler will also do more to educate Americans on homegrown biodiesel.

Beard said that diesel is good for America, and "biodiesel makes diesel better. Emissions of particulates - an important issue in congested urban areas - can be reduced more than 80 percent with modern, clean diesel engines running on biodiesel."

Beard was speaking at a biodiesel conference in Washington, D.C., and said the better fuel economy, increased life and resale value of diesel vehicles are things consumers should keep in mind. Beard may be bullish on diesel, but Mercedes was not able to release the E320 Bluetec as a 50-state vehicle, as originally promised. We'll see how future vehicles measure up.

[Source: Chrysler Group via Green Car Congress]

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