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Normally, we don't keep up on the world of motorcycles. Some of us realize that when you hop on your crotch rocket you instantly become 32-times more likely to be killed then the guy next to you surrounded in metal, plastic and glass. So until they develop a system that detects that we've left the bike, then proceeds to envelop us in a large bubble, allowing us to bounce down the road unscathed, we're not taking any chances.

Honda seems to be taking a more traditional approach to the problem of crashing a vehicle whose driver is only equipped with a helmet and some dead cow. They've developed and successfully executed an airbag system for their Goldwing cruisers.

The video above shows the Goldwing being propelled into a minivan at 31 MPH, both with and without the newly minted airbag. The results for the dummy manning the airbag-equipped bike are clearly more desirable than his unlucky brother, but we're still a little apprehensive.

[Top tip, Meek]

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