How much gas do hybrids save?

Folded neatly in an wide-ranging overview of the Toyota Camry Hybrid from Scripps Howard News Service is a quote from the automaker's North American president, Jim Press, about the hybrid's impact on fuel supplies.

"We estimate that all the hybrids we have sold in America have saved more than 155 million gallons of gas, enough to fill five tanker ships," said Press.

Through August, Toyota (including Lexus) has delivered 126,249 hybrid vehicles this year and more than 500,000 since introducing the Prius in 2000. Toyota continues to be bullish on hybrids and sees models from the competition as a validation of its sales strategy. The Toyota hybrid fleet expands next year with the launch of the Lexus LS600h, the first vehicle powered by a full-hybrid V8.

[Source: Scripps Howard News Service]

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