Star-studded Lambo Gallardo auctions off for $500,000

More info on that Lamborghini Gallardo mentioned in Alex's post a few days back... A Lamborghini Gallardo signed by Hollywood's finest was auctioned off at a charity event last weekend to the tune of $500,000, the most ever paid for a new Lamborghini according to auction organizers. The lucky recipient, John O'Quinn, forked over the cash at an event in Auburn, Ind. to benefit Child Safety Network, an organization dedicated to preventing child abuse, abduction and injury. The car was signed by 33 actors and actresses including Keifer Sutherland, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Jon Voight, Ben Affleck, Dakota Fanning, Paula Abdul, Samuel L. Jackson, James Caan, Hugh Hefner, Deborah Messing, Will Ferrell, Regis Philbin and others.

Um, we're all about Hollywood starlets and such, but why would you want to ruin a Gallardo like that? It was for a good cause, however. Folks who are interested in learning more about the Child Safety Network can visit

[Source: Monster and Critics]

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