Our latest poll shows that the majority of you (51%, that's a mandate right?) believe that the CEO isn't the problem over at Ford Motor Company. However, Mr. Mulally should take heart in the fact that 30% of you believe he seems like the right fit for the job. Rounding out the pack were the 14% of you who thinks Ghosn should be cutting and slashing Ford back to profitability, while a scant 5% of you believe Bill Ford Jr. could've turned the company around given a little more time.

It is true, Ford's problem has little do with its CEO, but at the same time Bill Ford recognized that perhaps there were people in this world more qualified than he to reverse the sagging fortunes of the third largest automaker in the world. That has to be a humbling call to make, but it's been the boldest move yet for the Blue Oval.

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