Could the next KITT be a Koenigsegg?

Who knows? This is just a photochop knock off that proves KITT would look quite fetching as a Swedish supercar in the upcoming 2008 movie version of the famed TV show that starred David "Jump in My Car" Hasselhoff, a.k.a. the Hoff, as Michael Knight. Since the Pontiac Firebird is no more, the role of KITT could be played by any vehicle with its sights set on Tinsel Town. Should KITT be a supercar, though, or stay true to its roots and be a blacked out muscle car?

Since David Hasselhoff himself is old and wrinkly, the movie's lead human role is also up for grabs. Hasselhoff, who is heavily involved with the film, wants Orlando Bloom (you know, Legolas?) to play his son and pilot the next Knight Industries Two Thousand. Bloom, however, was lukewarm about being in the radius of Hasselhoff's greatnesss for two months of shooting and turned him down.

We will credit Hasselhoff for sticking to his guns over the past two years in a war with producers who wanted to take away KITT's ability to reason and talk. Hasselhoff won the battle and KITT's acerbic wit will be as dry as ever. The producers have, however, decided to take away David Hasselhoff's ability to reason and talk, and the townsfolk rejoiced. We kid because we love, David. Who should play Hoff's son then? Ashton Kutcher? Christian Bale? We're sure Justin Timberlake is up for it.

The Hoff will likely reprise his role as Michael Knight, but instead of driving KITT he'll be holed up in the Knight Industries semi performing Devon Miles' duties as the leader of the Foundation for Law and Government. Devon was killed off in Knight Rider 2000 and the actor who played him, Edward Mulhare, died in 1997.

Knight Rider: The Movie is scheduled for a 2008 release.

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