Autoextremist welcomes Alan to the fold

The major news media is awash in pundits and "experts" who have argued every conceivable angle of the Ford/Mulally CEO switcheroo. Most seem to have little to substantiate their opinions, while others just seem to enjoy some seat time under the newsroom lighting. Thankfully, more sources are available beyond the realm of "traditional media" and Peter M. DeLorenzo decided the best way to address the future of Ford was to write an open letter to its newest helmsman.

We're only two days into this, and even we are getting tired of the speculation and conjecture, but DeLorenzo's take is easy to digest. By breaking down what issues need addressing and how Mulally should go about setting up shop (practically telling him the proper placement of his letter opener), the Autoextremist's focus is set squarely on the near future.

The daunting task is to begin with Mulally dumping the "amicable boss routine" and jump in with tempered ruthlessness. A benevolent dictatorship may not be the most P.C. operation, but it gets things done and done right. After that it's all about product. Revive Lincoln to its former glory (please!), unleash the pent-up talent laying at your disposal, bring Ford back to the main stage by getting your hands dirty in motorsport at a level that rivals the company's achievements in the 60's. Kick ass, take names and bring the pain.

We want it. The public wants it. And the U.S.needs it.

BTW, for a counter to DeLorenzo's assertion that the aerospace and automotive biz are mutually exclusive entities, check out Jalopnik's retort.

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