Altenews editor Russell Hasan is urging advocates of different alternative technologies to stop attacking each other. His online editorial says "an alternative fuels movement with infighting and bickering will not last."

Hasan sees the debate between ethanol, hydrogen, electric cars/hybrids growing into a full-scale war.

"Competition is healthy but this renewable fuels war has reached dangerous proporations," he writes, noting that each group seems to use the same arguments against each other.

Hasan reviews many of the arguments presented by each group, noting they all seem to point a conspiracy by Big Oil and each claims the other technology has no advantages.

"This is not helpful, because they best way for renewable energy to succeed, and to not be sabotaged and blocked by the well-funded fossil fuels industry, is for all renewable energy advocates to be unified and to stand behind the common goal, which is clean, green, pollution-free energy and national energy independence," says Hasan.


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