Wanna win a Mini for $50.43? Try Limbo

Making eBay seem lame and so three-days-ago in the auto auction game, upstart Limbo is offering bidders a new twist on bidding for a new car. Actually, there are several items up for bid at any given time at Limbo, including electronics, trips, gas, and of course cars.
The way it works is that you go to the website, choose an auction, give them your cell phone number and bid. When you receive a text message from Limbo you confirm the info and then stay tuned for additional tips that will help you adjust your bid to try to make you more successful. The trick part of the deal though is that the winner isn't the person placing the highest bid. It's the lowest unique bid.

If you happen to bid $0.01, and nobody else does during the auction period (highly unlikely), you win the item for one cent. Plus any applicable text message or bidding fees. Some bids are free, others may run you as much as 99 cents. Limbo user Trisha Hepworth recently took the keys to a 2006 Mini Cooper for just $50.43.

If this seems too good to be true, and you are expecting that there must be a catch, you're partially right. The fine print explains that this is really just a unique form of sweepstakes and that your win comes with certain tax ramifications, but it's still a whole lot of fun, and an interesting way to end up with a new car in your garage.

If any of you happens to win a car through Limbo (or any other sweeps for that matter), make sure you offer it up for our Reader Rides. The story would be great to share with fellow Autoblog readers.

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