Fuel cell research at the drag strip

In a recent press release, DaimlerChrysler announced that Inergy Automotive Systems took one of their F-Cell hydrogen fuel cell cars out to the Milan Raceway in Michigan to take a shot at the quarter-mile. The Mercedes A-Class based fuel cell made its run in under 19 seconds reaching a top speed in excess of 70 mph.
The numbers aren't stunning by any means, but the exercise was done in the name of research (or at least that's what they're claiming). DaimlerChrysler says the resulting data will be used to improve the company's fuel cell vehicles while Inergy's purpose was to expand the research of their hydrogen storage systems. The data will also be sent to the Department of Energy to assist in making decisions about future energy needs.

The F-Cell uses a 65kW motor (about 88 hp) and has a range of about 100 miles. DaimlerChrysler says it will make a 0-62 run in about 16 seconds and can reach a top speed of approximately 85 mph.

The upcoming B-Cell, DaimlerChrysler's next-generation fuel cell vehicle which is based on the Mercedes B-Class, will be using a 100kW motor and should have a range of 250 miles.

[Source: DaimlerChrysler]

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