You know you've made it when... Koenigsegg gets a laptop

Apparently if you are going to play in the supercar ranks, you need to offer consumers a laptop to be taken seriously. Joining fellow automakers Ferrari and Lamborghini, Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg now has its own notebook computer as well. Unlike Ferrari and Lamborghini, however, who rely on Acer to make their computers for them, Koenigsegg opted for an unknown computer company who branded it a Koenigsegg.
Available as a CCR (pictured) or a CC8S (black), each features a large Koenigsegg logo on the front. Sadly, the technical specifications don't match the speed of the recently Autoblog piloted SuperSwede. Pictured is the CCR version, which sports a 2.13 ghz Intel Pentium M processor. The CC8S version has to make due with a 1.7 ghz Intel Centrino. Both are available at the Koenigsegg Shop.

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[Source: Sybarites]

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