Lawyer pays $350K for Batman Forever Batmobile

John O'Quinn is a lawyer. A rich one. He made his money in a tobacco lawsuit settlement, and disposable income is no longer a problem for him. He demonstrated this at this past weekend's Kruse International auction in Indiana, where a $1.3 Million shopping spree left his bank accounts a little lighter and his garage a little more crowded. His new toys included not only the 1995 Batman Forever Batmobile ($350,000), but also the following:
Last year, O'Quinn ponied up $690,000 for Pope John Paul II's old '75 Ford Escort. One thing's certain: the man has a very eclectic car collection, and he's not shy about opening his wallet to add to it.

As for his weekend purchases, the Gallardo money went to a children's charity, so good for him. The Caddy and the Packard are both gorgeous. Added bonus: the Caddy can now take up residence in the burgeoning Papal Wing of O'Quinn's garage.

This brings us to the '95 Batmobile from the horrible Batman Forever film. This car is not one of the Dark Knight's more memorable screen machines ( Neon lighting on a Batmobile? Ugh). There are much better choices out there, and if the Tumbler ever becomes available, we strongly advise the counselor to go for it!

[Source: Houston Chronicle]

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