Did Nihon scoop the next Corolla?

We're well aware that Toyota is hard at work on new "world car" that may be for sale domestically and abroad. Whether or not the images we've previously shown are that particular vehicle or the new Corolla is what's really important. So the folks over at Nihon Car & Bike have been relentlessly shoveling photos from Japanese cars mags into their scanner so we here in the States can speculate to our hearts content.

Japan-only, DRIVER magazine had a full four-page spread on a new Toyota called the "Orius" and judging from previous renderings, it shares a striking resemblance to what has been assumed to be the next-gen Corolla. The family likeness is an obvious nod to its larger and smaller siblings, the Camry and Yaris, with a blunt, curvaceous nose, flamey-surfaced head/taillights and wholey-unoffensive side panels.

Although the world car won't make it to our shores and there are a variety of other Corollas available throughout the globe, this does give us a glimpse as to what the future holds for one of the strongest selling compacts on the market.

The full mag scans are available after the jump.

[Source: Nihon Car & Bike]

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