Gallery: Concepts at Pebble Beach

We still haven't finished going through our pics from Monterey's week-long carfest. Here is a quick wallpaper gallery of concepts, coachbuilds and new production models displayed on the putting green outside The Lodge at the Pebble Beach Golf Links. The Glickenhaus commissioned P4/5, the stubby Dodge Hornet, the Phantom look-alike Chrysler Imperial, the "Darth Vader GT" Maybach Exelero... all there, along with a handful of other concepts and a few near-production-ready models. Follow the jump for the full clickable gallery.

2006 Ford Reflex Concept

2007 Jaguar XKRs

2007 Lexus SC Pebble Beach Edition

2007 Bentley Continental GTC Convertible

2007 Saturn Sky Red Line

2006 Ferrari 612 P4/5

2007 Spyker D12 SSUV

2005 Maybach Exelero Show Car

2006 Dodge Challenger Concept

2006 Saab Aero-X Concept

2006 Chrysler Imperial Concept

2006 Dodge Hornet Concept and 2006 Rolls-Royce 101 EX Concept

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