We caught two mildly taped 3 sedans and this wild looking coupe running out towards Mojave yesterday. Thinking it might be an M3 we caught it and realized it was just a regular 3 coupe. The roof appears to be taped up making it look like the upcoming cabrio coupe. With all of the shots of the production version appearing in magazines this month, these are hardly news so much as some really clear shots of what one of the prototypes looks like.

No turbo whistle or V-8 burble to report either. And the drivers were hardly bothered by our speeding up and slowing down to get stills and video over our 20 mile journey together, so the consensus is that these are just undergoing some hot-weather testing. Aside from the odd sensation of spotting something that looks like it might be getting ready for the next Mad Max installment, it gives some insight into how these protos are constructed, with odd assortments of hand formed panels, tape, patches and near production ready pieces.

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