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Hey, take it easy on Bill Ford!

Activist hysteria?

Jon Entine takes a balanced look at the environmental attacks on Bill Ford Jr in an essay that acknowledges Ford's crucial role as chief executive of one of America's largest corporations. Instead of taking the narrow-minded view that Ford sold out his environmental convictions by favoring flex-fuel vehicles over hybrids, Entine considers the company's other green credentials. He points to the Volvo fuel economy research center and another project to build the next-generation of bioethanol-fuel vehicles.

The environmentalists once adored Ford, picking his company as the car industry's green leader ahead of Toyota in 2000. When Ford saved the River Rouge plant with a $2 billion environmental redesign, the green community cheered. But then extremists mocked him and called him a greenwasher.

Ford's role in saving thousands of company jobs is just as important as improving fuel economy and reducing emissions. Thankfully there are critics who can see the forest, not just the treehuggers.

[Source: Ethical Corporation]

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