Biodiesel 2020. Is it the new Mad Max movie or a biofuel market study?

All right, readers, go get your bifocals. This weekend, your homework, should you choose to accept it, is to read a new report on the state of the biofuel market. If you'll look here, you'll see we have a study titled Biodiesel 2020: A Market Survey. Published by Emerging Markets Online in late August, Biodiesel 2020 found the U.S. biodiesel market tripled from 2004 to 2005, growing from 25 million to 75 million gallons. Looking toward the future, biodiesel production should reach 300 million gallon by the end of 2006 and about 750 million gallons in 2007. Are you writing all this down? Good. It may be on the test. If you haven't bought your books yet, please be aware that this text is available at the campus bookstore for about $3,000.
[Source: Emerging Markets Online]

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