Do you CRaVe the new CR-V?

Honda's new CR-V is all about satisfying your CRaVings, or so we're all about to be told. Rubin Postaer & Associates (RPA) is behind the new sport ute's $50 million advertising push, which lauches September 28. The ads draw upon the animation and fun reminiscent of Civic and Fit commercials, showing how the CR-V can help satisfy cravings for things like coffee and the beach.

In the beach commercial, the CR-V "tans" into each of its various available exterior colors. While in the coffee commercial, the CR-V becomes a big mug of coffee. Yum. The commercials end with the tagline, "Something new to crave. Presenting the all-new CR-V from Honda."

Look for Honda's "CRaVe" campaign in broadcast commercials, billboards, in movie theaters and on Honda's web site near the end of the month. You have until then to develop a CRaVing.

[Source: Automotive News]

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