Audi Avant - Class of 2015

Late last year, Audi Brand Group's Design Director, Walter de'Silva, along with Audi designers Gary Telaak (outside) and Ingo Von Bargen (inside) asked 20 design students to help shape the future of Audi's oh-so-stylish Avants. Masters students at Milan's Scuola Politecnica di Design were asked to predict what the 2015 Audi Avant might look like.

Of the twenty student designers who took up the challenge, 11 got the go-ahead for more study. The link below will get you to the rest of the story and a slideshow of most of the 11 final projects that were submitted in June. Most of the designs kept the big Audi horseshoe grill, but from there the results were pretty varied.

Everything from the super slim and elegant Jaap Weve design pictured here, to a rather stubby TT-like Avant CS by Roberto Redaelli. Dzmitry Samal's Avantgarde is a kind of Phaeton meets wagon and the Avant Coupe by Kamil Labanowicz is probably the most radically futuristic study. Falling somewhere between the current wagons and what the Jetsons might choose are the Morphos (Giancarlo Veneto) and Visio (Oleksiy Tsapliy). Hard to top the current offerings, but we think that as they begin to age, designs like these will keep Audi on top.

[Source: BusinessWeek via Winding Road]

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